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New York, NY
I would NEVER have been able to do the things that I DID without having him. Actually our first workout was very real. He wanted to see my strengths and weaknesses. Of course when we all see each other again - I will tell you all of the stories - but I must say that I "hurt" only a little (he doesnt want me to get discouraged) and he was actually very sweet. He said - when your here with me I will get you into shape - when your not with me jsut do something (other than eating) and you will see some results by the end of out sessions. Thanks to all of you - I was able to get 10 lessons. My next one is this Friday (I actually wanted to go Saturday - Im a morning person) but he will not be there this weekend. I want to thank our Treasurer (Ms. Deborah) for researching. I cannot say enough about the cleanliness and friendliness of this gym. Its new and just the right size (just like a new boyfriend :-) It makes you want to go :-) Victor doesnt make feel intimated. The best part is that after the session he stretches me out for about 10 minutes (it is one of my concerns - Im very stiff - even while I am doing my exercises) - but I guess girls better late than never.
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