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Erica B.
Brooklyn, NY
After five brief sessions with Victor at one 2 one, I am already starting to see (and feel) results. I bought a package of five sessions after getting a jaw-droppingly good deal on Lifebooker, but have been so impressed that I will continue my training. The prices (even at full cost) are really affordable. What's more, this place is really wonderful. Extremely clean, small (but never more than one other person getting trained and PLENTY of room to get your sweat on) and well-equipped. The workouts are challenging and diverse, and the hour flies by. Seriously. Ya get free water and plenty of clean towels (with decent stuff in the showers, too). Really couldn't be any happier. So happy, in fact, that I'm considering dropping my Crunch membership.
Mog C.
New York, NY
I've worked with a number of trainers over the years and I've never had one who did such a great job. Aaron is pretty booked these days but there are many other trainers that work here and it's worth checking out in the hopes you find someone as awesome as Aaron.
Koko H.
New York, NY
This is a brand new personal training gym. It's small but has the latest equipment, really everything you need and most of the time it's not crowded at all. The rates for personal training and for monthly membership are very reasonable. In comparison, NYSC (where I have a membership and did a few sessions of PT) is a ripoff. (I really appreciate the little things at one 2 one, like decent toiletries and soft towels! I'm so sick of those scratchy towels at NYSC!)
Lisa N.
New York, NY
For me, picking a trainer is like picking someone to date. And since I spend more time with trainers than with guys I've dated, I've always wondered why they have such an awful system in gyms. You sit with a "Membership Advisor" who is really just a sales rep and there's this sort of matchmaking exercise except that you dont have any choice until after you've paid your money for the session. I saw the promotion for one 2 one on Lifebooker (which is a great site) and I loved the idea that I could pick a trainer for myself based on their pictures and bios on the website.
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